How To Build A Perfect Golf Course Turf.

How To Build A Perfect Golf Course Turf.

Have you ever looked at the perfect turf at any golf course and admired the almost near perfection nature of the grass surface? A lot of work is put on any surface before such perfection is attained. Well today, we have the synthetic golf course turfs that use artificial grass, things that make the design a bit easier. When going with real green grass, there is no shortcut as the right procedures have to be followed.

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Below are the steps that will show you how to make the perfect turf.

Picking a Location and Excavating the Area.

If you do not have a fixed location, ensure you select one that is suitable. In this context, an appropriate place is one that has sandy soil, plenty of exposure to the sun and a great drainage. The site should allow breezes to keep the grass healthy. Excavate this place and remove all the soil up to a depth of between 40 to 50 centimeters. Remove all the soil so that you do not have to deal with weeds.

Design The Place.

A good golf course should have a couple of slopes to make the game more challenging. However, the slopes should be away from the center to avoid the formation of puddles after it rains. In cases where a depression is unavoidable, ensure you install a drainage pipe to carry the water away.

Install an Irrigation System.

A perfect turf cannot entirely rely on the natural rain for its water. Water is key to keeping a turf healthy and green. On the other hand, manual irrigation is time wasting and tends to irrigate unevenly. The most suitable system is an underground irrigation system with an automatic operation that pops up sprinklers that cover the entire area. Specialized golf irrigation systems are perfect as they are designed to operate at higher pressures and spread the water over a wider area.

Cover The Layers.

This layer should be about 10 centimeters in depth. The purpose of the gravel is to hold the water near the roots of the grass whenever the area is irrigated. It also helps pass excessive water during heavy showers to prevent cases of drowning the grass. After compacting this layer, add about five centimeters of gravel and compact it again. Top the sand with approximately 30 centimeters of topsoil that is made up of about 25 % of clay and around 50 % sand. Compact the layer. It should be noted that a sterile sandy medium is important in many ways. The two most notable are that it helps in drainage and its minimal ability to support the growth of weeds.

Plant The Green.

Ensure you select the perfect variety of grass before anything else. Sodding is an excellent way to plant, but it has the disadvantage of resulting in an uneven grass surface. Seeding is the best option especially if you have ample time to see the grass through its growth process. The growth process is the most critical one compared to the maintenance, and you need to be very keen with the growing grass. Your choice of grass is mainly affected by the climate patterns in your particular area. You will need to research various outlets to find the optimal grass. Options would include local retailers or a distributor where you can buy plants online, including turf grasses and may also beneficial for obtaining bushes and shrubs for landscaping.
After the grass matures, it remains dependent on the keepers for its support. That means it needs a steady water flow and nutrients for it to stay healthy. Aside from that, we have the herbicides that kill the weeds that may find their way in as well as the pesticides that keep the pests off the turf. Fungicides are also necessary for keeping the grass healthy by controlling diseases.


This is an important part as it keeps the turf perfect. Doing all that has been said and sleeping on this section will deem all the previous work useless. Mowing with a precision mower is critical in keeping the turf level flawless. Aerating, applying chemicals and general coddling are also part of the maintenance schedule. With proper maintenance, you will surely have a perfect golf course turf.

The procedures discussed above apply to any golf course. They have been used over and over again and set the standard procedures by some of the organizations regulating golf courses worldwide. If you want a mini golf course turf on your backyard, why not go ahead and try the discussed procedures and see how they turn out.

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