5 Important Things You Should Know About Indoor Golf

Step Up Your Golf Game Come Rain or Shine …

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Since its inception, golf has always been an outdoor sport. However, that was before people got so fanatic about the game. In today’s world, everything is dominated by cut-throat competition, and that also applies to golf. Everybody wants to step their game up, come rain or shine. Although sunny days are great for playing golf, rain can seriously disrupt your golfing ambitions.

If you plan to participate in professional golf, then you will need to keep up with your practicing, no matter what the weather is.  This is where Indoor Golf comes into play. There are golf-playing options that are available inside of a secure shelter that enable you to focus on your golf game instead of the rain. Also, they provide you with some private practice space before you are prepared to show your skills off to your friends.

The Concept Of Indoor Golf

The most effective way to play indoor golf is to use computerized golf simulators. They are comprised of some sensors and a projection screen to provide you with a life-like view of your chosen golf course. The map of this golf course is laid out across the projection screen. This augmented reality of the game of golf makes you feel just like you are out on the golf course. Your swing is continuously measured, along with the speed of your ball, and other such characteristics. You can watch the trajectory of your golf ball exactly as if it was hit on the golf course.  Your position and ball based on these calculations are advanced onto the life-sized golf course image. if you just want to improve your putting skills, you can purchase an Indoor Golf putting trainer. It is comprised of a putting hold and narrow grass mat.  

How can you get the most out of using golf simulators?

Indoor golf simulators provide a realism that is created by both the player and the golf simulator. Although there have been amazing technological advancements, the simulator screen is still a two-dimensional installation.

How to Play Indoor Golf

That needs to be kept in mind whenever you are playing golf on a simulator. The ball speed isn’t measured as it is following its trajectory. Instead, it is determined as soon as you hit the golf ball based on your loft angle and contract force. Based on that information, your ball is advanced by the golf simulator by a certain distance. When you are chipping, be sure to visualize how far to hit the ball as the total of your distance to the screen and the remainder of the distance into the projection screen. You will become accustomed to the virtual aspect of golf simulators after playing them several times.

indoor golf

Indoor Golf Advantages

Although the real deal still dwarfs indoor golf, it still has a number of important benefits that it has to offer:

1. Weather-independent: Indoor golf can be played no matter what the weather is like outdoors. So whether you are baking in the hot Florida sun or in the coldest parts of Alaska, there are facilities available where you can continue to improve your golf game.

2. Privacy: If you happen to be a famous professional golfer and don’t want to give away your game-changing strategies, then you can use an indoor golf facility as your own personal golf laboratory. You can do plenty of experimenting with your golf swing and techniques.

3. Cost: Golf simulators are actually fairly cost-effective when many golfers access them. They can be a low-cost investment for a golf establishment since all that is needed is simulator equipment and a small room.

4. Club-sizing: Golf equipment shops use golf simulators to help customers choose the golf gear that suits them the best. You can try out clubs on a simulator before you make your decision on what to buy.

5. Educational help: Many new golf simulators obtain real-time data continuously and use this to make suggestions to help you improve your handicap. They might not ever replace human trainers, but they have some very useful tricks to provide.

What else can be expected from Indoor Golf facilities?

Indoor golf facilities are not just rooms with golf simulators in them. They usually are full-fledged facilities that offer expert coaching from professional golfers, food for hungry golfers, retail stores for popular brands of golf gear, and more. Another excellent service that is offered at numerous indoor golf centers is club fitting. Customers can try different golf clubs out with a simulator and purchase the ones that suit them the best. It is a brilliant innovation that benefits both the golfers and owners of indoor golf facilities.

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The Benefits of Utilizing a Golf Simulator

Why Virtual Golfing Is Such A Great Idea

golf simulator

Technology has come a very long way after the last few decades. Virtual reality and video games were once extremely limited in what they could do. Now, they can offer an experience that feels incredibly vivid and real.

If you’re a fan of golfing, you might want to look into virtual golfing. Golfing in this way can be a fantastic idea. Here are a few of the things that make virtual golf so special …

You Can Golf Anywhere

You don’t have to have access to a large golf course in order to go golfing. If you golf virtually, you’ll be able to golf absolutely anywhere. You can golf in your office and your bedroom. You can even golf when you’re visiting family.

When you have virtual golf, you don’t have to go out to the golf course anymore. You can bring a golf course with you. You can golf from any location, and you can golf at any time, day or night.

You Won’t Be Limited By The Weather

Since golfing is normally done outdoors, the weather can significantly limit your golfing opportunities. During the winter, some people don’t get to golf at all. A rainy day can also keep you from getting in tee time.

If you have virtual golf, you aren’t going to be limited by the weather anymore. Instead, you’ll be able to golf even when it’s pouring outside. You can still go to the golf course when the weather is nice, but you’ll be able to stay in and enjoy virtual golf when the weather is poor.

Virtual Golfing Can Save You Money

Golfing can be expensive, especially if you’re golfing on a regular basis. You’ll have to invest in golfing supplies, like a set of clubs. You’ll need to pay for your tee times. All of these expenses can really add up.

If you decide to play virtual golf, you’ll only have to cover your initial expense. You won’t have to pay any more than that. Once you’ve bought what you need to enjoy virtual golfing, you’ll be done spending money. From that point on, you’ll be able to play golf without spending a single cent.

There Are Many Ways To Play Virtual Golf

If you’re interested in virtual golf, but aren’t sure what’s right for you, you should start looking at some of your different options. There are a lot of different ways to enjoy virtual golfing. You should be able to find an option that’s right for you.

Some people like to play golfing video games. Other people enjoy golfing experiences that don’t require a screen. If you look at all of the choices that you have, you’ll be able to find a way to get a spectacular golfing experience while you’re still indoors.

It Can Make You A Better Golfer

Have you been looking for ways to improve your golf game? You don’t necessarily have to take lessons if you want to improve your golf skills. A lot of people have been able to hone their skills thanks to virtual golf.

Virtual golfing have helped a lot of people to strengthen their golfing skills. In many cases, these virtual devices can help you to work on specific things. You’ll be able to improve your skills so that you can play golf the way that you have always wanted to play it.

As you can see, virtual golfing can be a great idea. If you want to go golfing, but you can’t golf in the traditional way, you should see if virtual golf can meet your needs.

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Brand New Golf Course At The Els Club Desaru Coast

When it comes to the world’s greatest golf courses, you’re not going to find a list without this one.

The Els Club Desaru Coast is one of those golf courses that is going to leave you wondering why you haven’t thought of this before. It is one of those ideal locations that has a gorgeous backdrop and the weather is great as you go through the rounds. There is a magical aura to this location that is going to blow you away and will make you want to stay forever.

Here is more on this brand new golf course and what it has to offer.

27 Rounds of Championship Golf

The golf course is one of the best in the world for a reason. It offers 27 rounds of championship golf that is spread across a large area and looks fantastic. Each round offers something unique that leaves one wondering what else might be in store throughout the golf course.

For those who are looking to get in a bit of practice, you’re able to head over to the target areas and get your rounds in.

This is one of the reasons this is a great golf course that is worth looking into as you pick what is best for your needs.

Designed By Ernie Els

Ernie Els has a storied career on the PGA circuit, but it is this golf course that is going to earn him a lot of applause.

It is a golfer’s dream come true and has been designed with that in mind by Ernie Els. He has paid attention to what other golf courses has to offer and what they might be lacking to create something that is gorgeous. It is one of those golf courses that is going to provide something special at every turn.

He has made sure of this with his team.

State-of-the-Art Setup

With golf carts allowed on the golf course and an accompanying GPS, it is one of those golf courses that will blow you away in a moment. Ernie Els and his team have spent a considerable amount of time crafting this golf course and know the value of those intricate details that reveal themselves over time.

This is a wonderful golf course that is worth one’s time and is set in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.


The new golf course at the Els Club Desaru Coast is one of those settings that is going to blow you away. It is going to leave you mesmerized at the attention to detail and how it has been crafted from East to West.

There is so much to do whether you are heading over to the fully equipped golf shop or the delicious restaurant that is nearby. There is something for everyone and you will adore it as soon as you stop by.

This is the ultimate golf heaven for those who are avid golfers and want to have fun at the same time.

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Buying New Golf Gear for 2017

If you are in the market for some new golf gear, there are some strategies that you must know regarding your purchase.

By focusing on these strategies, you will have the opportunity to acquire the clubs, training equipment, apparel and other important gear that will keep you on the course and on your game.

If this is something that you are looking toward, follow these three points below and utilize these strategies as you shop for the equipment that will serve you well.


Figure out which brands you like

When it comes to buying golf gear, brand loyalty is huge. Speak to any golfer in the world and typically they have different opinions on which brands they prefer — particularly when it comes to clubs. By finding out what makes these brands so important and why people enjoy them, you will have a better opportunity to figure out what suits you and will have the right information as you set out to purchase your own gear. By doing this, you will be able to learn a lot and gain some familiarity.

Search online high and low

Next, you need to be sure that you are doing everything to match up with the best retailers available. The Internet has changed the game when it comes to purchasing sporting goods — particularly golf equipment. Amazon is your friend in this regard — particularly due to Amazon prime services which will allow you to get golf clubs and other gear at your doorstep quickly. The Internet is also a vast resource for secondhand gear, if you do not mind buying golf gear that is previously owned. Either way, make sure that you use the web is a resource if for nothing else than to look into reviews to make sure you are making a wise purchase.

Test out your new gear whenever you can

Finally, it is imperative that you try out golf gear anytime you are able to. For example, if you find a set of golf clubs in store, mess around with the grip and take a few swings in order to see if it suits you. If the store has a virtual golf course that allows you to truly practice your swing, you should make the most out of this and use the gear to the best of your ability to have a better idea of what you like and how we can serve you.

There is a lot of golf gear out there that you can purchase, but you will need to know the ins and outs of making this a reality if you want quality equipment.

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How To Build A Perfect Golf Course Turf.

How To Build A Perfect Golf Course Turf.

Have you ever looked at the perfect turf at any golf course and admired the almost near perfection nature of the grass surface? A lot of work is put on any surface before such perfection is attained. Well today, we have the synthetic golf course turfs that use artificial grass, things that make the design a bit easier. When going with real green grass, there is no shortcut as the right procedures have to be followed.

buy plants and grasses online

Below are the steps that will show you how to make the perfect turf.

Picking a Location and Excavating the Area.

If you do not have a fixed location, ensure you select one that is suitable. In this context, an appropriate place is one that has sandy soil, plenty of exposure to the sun and a great drainage. The site should allow breezes to keep the grass healthy. Excavate this place and remove all the soil up to a depth of between 40 to 50 centimeters. Remove all the soil so that you do not have to deal with weeds.

Design The Place.

A good golf course should have a couple of slopes to make the game more challenging. However, the slopes should be away from the center to avoid the formation of puddles after it rains. In cases where a depression is unavoidable, ensure you install a drainage pipe to carry the water away.

Install an Irrigation System.

A perfect turf cannot entirely rely on the natural rain for its water. Water is key to keeping a turf healthy and green. On the other hand, manual irrigation is time wasting and tends to irrigate unevenly. The most suitable system is an underground irrigation system with an automatic operation that pops up sprinklers that cover the entire area. Specialized golf irrigation systems are perfect as they are designed to operate at higher pressures and spread the water over a wider area.

Cover The Layers.

This layer should be about 10 centimeters in depth. The purpose of the gravel is to hold the water near the roots of the grass whenever the area is irrigated. It also helps pass excessive water during heavy showers to prevent cases of drowning the grass. After compacting this layer, add about five centimeters of gravel and compact it again. Top the sand with approximately 30 centimeters of topsoil that is made up of about 25 % of clay and around 50 % sand. Compact the layer. It should be noted that a sterile sandy medium is important in many ways. The two most notable are that it helps in drainage and its minimal ability to support the growth of weeds.

Plant The Green.

Ensure you select the perfect variety of grass before anything else. Sodding is an excellent way to plant, but it has the disadvantage of resulting in an uneven grass surface. Seeding is the best option especially if you have ample time to see the grass through its growth process. The growth process is the most critical one compared to the maintenance, and you need to be very keen with the growing grass. Your choice of grass is mainly affected by the climate patterns in your particular area. You will need to research various outlets to find the optimal grass. Options would include local retailers or a distributor where you can buy plants online, including turf grasses and may also beneficial for obtaining bushes and shrubs for landscaping.
After the grass matures, it remains dependent on the keepers for its support. That means it needs a steady water flow and nutrients for it to stay healthy. Aside from that, we have the herbicides that kill the weeds that may find their way in as well as the pesticides that keep the pests off the turf. Fungicides are also necessary for keeping the grass healthy by controlling diseases.


This is an important part as it keeps the turf perfect. Doing all that has been said and sleeping on this section will deem all the previous work useless. Mowing with a precision mower is critical in keeping the turf level flawless. Aerating, applying chemicals and general coddling are also part of the maintenance schedule. With proper maintenance, you will surely have a perfect golf course turf.

The procedures discussed above apply to any golf course. They have been used over and over again and set the standard procedures by some of the organizations regulating golf courses worldwide. If you want a mini golf course turf on your backyard, why not go ahead and try the discussed procedures and see how they turn out.

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A Guide To Your Mexican Golf Vacation

When you need to make sure that you are able to get the most out of your golfing vacation, there are a lot of tips that you should employ and recognize.

In this regard, Mexico is a great destination vacation if you want to take your golf game to the next level, while also enjoying the tourist attractions and beautiful weather that is prevalent. To make the most out of this idea, read on and use these points below as you also research the many different resorts and opportunities available.

#1: Research the best golf course resorts around

Any time that you want to make the most out of your golf resort vacation in Mexico, there area a lot of options available. For instance, Playa Paraiso Golf Course is a great locale that has gotten rave reviews. When you research these vacation destinations, make sure that you pay close attention to the features of the golf course, in addition to all of the facets of the resort and the surrounding area. For example, is it in all inclusive resort or are food and beverages not included? Is it more of a family destination? Think about all of these facets as you start booking your lodging and also looking into things like flights and dates.

#2: Pack your clubs or look into rental

Since this is a golf vacation, you definitely need to look into your golf club situation. For example, many people prefer packing their own golf clubs. If this is what you’re going to do, research your airline to see their weight requirements and anything else you need to know about checking your golf bag and your golf clubs. Otherwise, you might want to rent out a set of golf clubs once you get to the resort. Any golf resort will allow you to rent out these clubs, so look into the pricing structures and types of clubs that they use ahead of time.

#3: Map out the rest of your vacation

While this is a golf vacation, you also want to look into it other features. Make sure you get as much rest and leisure in as possible and also plan out a few attractions to visit off of the resort. This way, it will be an all-around trip and not just a golf trip and you will truly be able to create some memories that will last a lifetime.

As you look into these three tips, it is clear that you have a lot of opportunity in front of you when it comes to booking a golf vacation in Mexico. You can start out your planning by taking full advantage of the guidelines offered in this article.

Mexico was a great place to vacation no matter what sort of things you like – but it is particularly incredible if you are an avid golfer.

So consider these tips to make the most out of your golf vacation.

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Details On Engineering Of The Golf Ball

The golf ball is one of those pieces of equipment that are unheralded for the value they bring.

When it comes to golf, there is nothing more important than the ball and how it is designed. This is why a lot of time is spent on making sure it is engineered well and works as it is supposed to out on the golf course.


Here are some of the key factors when it comes to its engineering and how engineers get things spot on with the average golf ball in this day and age.

Multi-Piece Construction

This is a transition that was made in the early 2000s when the average solid golf ball wasn’t providing enough control. Most golfers felt as if the balls were swerving on them and they were prone to not working out as intended.

This was when the multi-piece construction was added in by engineers.

The premise of this was to build a great golf ball using multiple pieces. Solid balls with the multi-piece construction were able to hold well in all situations and conditions, which was critical for the average golfer.

Professionals quickly moved to this as time went on.


The golf balls were being covered with average materials that would be wound into place. Those were okay but were not providing enough value for the shot a golfer would play. This would be noticed by those who were giving it their all but still didn’t get as far as they wanted to.


So, what did engineers do with the golf ball?

They thought about the materials that were covering it.

This was when urethane came into the equation as a reliable option for the golf ball. It was something Tiger Woods proclaimed was a must for getting better distance and less drag in the wind.

Sulfur Compound

One of the other issues that came up according to the pros was excess spin after a shot was played. This meant the golfer didn’t have control over how much spin was being put on the ball regardless of how it was hit.

This took a lot of the value out of their shots.

To ensure that was not happening, engineers tested different materials to see how they could better the solid ball. They did this with the help of a sulfur formula that ensures spin wasn’t imparted as it used to.

These are the engineering details for those who are wondering how a good golf ball is crafted. It takes time, and a lot of testing to ensure things work out and that is where engineers spend a lot of their time breaking things down. The goal is to get the perfect balance, quality, and durability out of the golf ball in the long-term. If that is the goal, these details matter a lot, and that is why they pen them down as soon as possible.

The golf ball will remain important for the spot, and that’s why its engineering is critical.

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The Basic Rules Of Golf

It can be overwhelming to understand all the golf rules and this is why this guide has been created for you to enjoy. Below is an outline of the basic golf rules that will make it easier for you to understand how to play the game properly especially if you’re a beginner.


1. Game Play

You must play all the holes in correct order unless told otherwise by the committee. You are also required to play by the rules always and you are never allowed to either ignore or change them.

2. Match Play

Each individual hole is like a separate game or contest during match play and if you win a particular hole you’re “one up” but if you lose it you’ll be “one down” and if you tie it you will be “all square”. If you have more holes up than those left to play, you’ll have won the match. Your ‘opponent’ is anybody that you play against.

3. Stroke Play

The winner in stroke play is the competitor with the least total score for the round or rounds. You need to first play your ball on the hole before you start the next hole. A ‘fellow competitor’ is anybody that you play with. You cannot play match play and stroke play simultaneously.

4. Clubs and Balls

You are not allowed to carry over 14 clubs. You are not allowed to change balls during play of a particular hole unless the rules permit it. If your ball goes out of shape or you damage it, you are allowed to change it but only after consulting a fellow competitor or opponent.

5. Responsibilities of the Player

Notices given by tournament officials must be read. You should only use the correct handicap. It is important to know your starting or tee time and be ready to play at that given time. Ensure that you are able to identify your ball. Ensure that you keep correct scores for each hole in stroke play and always sign the card before you return it. You must never delay play unduly and you must continue with play unless an official stops you, you become ill, or there’s danger from lightning.

6. Practice

You are not allowed to hit a practice shot when you a playing a shot. Practice is usually not permitted on the course prior to a stroke event but is allowed prior to a match.


7. Playing Advice

You are not allowed to ask for playing advice during a round except for your partner or caddie. You are however permitted to ask anybody about the rules, the flagstick, or position of hazards. You are also not permitted to give advice to fellow competitors or opponents. You are also not allowed to position markers to indicate your line of play.

8. Advising Opponents on Strokes taken

During match play, you must tell opponents the number of strokes that you have taken including penalties when you’re asked.

9. Order of Play

A player with the least score on a hole has the right to play first on the next hole. The player with his or her ball being farthest from the hole is the one to play first when playing a hole. Playing out of turn in match play means that your opponent can make you replay the shot but this is not the case in stroke play.


Final Thoughts

The rules discussed here will help you become a better golfer overall. However, this is just a brief overview of the rules.

If you would like to learn more about the rules, you need to find the 86 page rule book.

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New Callaway Golf Wedges

Callaway has come out with new golf wedges, and it’s time to process the value they bring.

Too many wedges don’t last and tend to wear down with time, or they don’t perform well in key situations on the golf course.

Do you want wedges such as that? No, you don’t!


This is why Callaway has produced world-class options that are going to last a long time and work brilliantly.

Signature Shaping

These are wedges that are shaped with attention to detail. The signature shaping is a big part of what Callaway has to offer with its wedges. These are intricately designed from top to bottom ensuring they are evenly handled and work well for golfers.

You will never feel as if they’re going to break down or add pressure to your stroke.

This attention to detail is a major plus point and is what will draw you in when it comes to the wedge being used. This is going to work well and remain a robust solution in your golf bag at all times.

Excellent Balance

What is one of those requirements all golfers have that has to be mentioned with Callaway wedges? It is the balance you’re going to see with them.

How many other wedges can stay as in tune with one’s stroke as these wedges? They are made to handle pressure and are going to help you dominate on the golf course. The stroke is going to be perfect.

Ergonomic Grip

When you grab one of these wedges and give them a shot, you’ll notice the ergonomic grip and how they feel in your hands. There aren’t many solutions that are going to yield this value, and that is a must as you focus on a good solution. This ergonomic grip is going to win you over.

It, will feel good and it’ll help your golf swing as well.

Rich Finishing

The finishing of these wedges is hard to beat. The attention to detail and how refined the wedges are what make them a delight to use out on the golf course. Those who are particular about their swing and want to maximize output will know the rich finishing is a must.

It’s not only about the aesthetics of one’s purchase but making sure the wedges work well at all times.

These ‘Mack Daddy’ wedges can last at all times and will provide the finishing one is looking for with their equipment.

These Callaway wedges are the best in the business and are a must for those who are specific about what they’re using. It is time to go with equipment that will last, look great, and perform out on the golf course at all times. You want to have control in your hands, and these wedges are going to do that and more for you.

Why not go with wedges that are powerful and easy to use? They are a must while you look to focus on a world-class solution that will last as time goes on.

Max’d out …

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New York’s Top 3 Golf Courses

Ah, New York. A lovely state known for its pizza, New York City and its five boroughs, and gorgeous winter snow. But what if you are a fan of golf? In this article, we will discuss the top three golf courses in New York that any avid golfer will not want to miss.


Dyker Beach Golf Course

The first golf course on our list is named Dyker Beach Golf Course. This golf course is located in southeastern Brooklyn. A challenging, and thoroughly enjoyable course, Dyker Beach stands just opposite of the Atlantic Ocean. Not only can you enjoy the game of golf, but Dyker Beach provides event services for guests as well, such as a venue for weddings and receptions. Boasting a over 6,400 yards, and being a 72 par course, this is definitely a destination for a lover of golf in New York state. Dyker Beach Golf Course is also a dog-friendly location, so you can feel free to bring your furry friend with you when you visit.

La Tourette Golf Course

The next course we want to mention is La Tourette Golf Course. La Tourette is located on Staten Island, and the 72 par course covers over 6,700 yards. A number of annual events are held at this course, such as the Amateur Championship that takes place each May toward the end of the month, and the charity event for the March of Dimes that is observed every June. The clubhouse for La Tourette is a restored manor of outstanding beauty, and weddings and other events are available at this location. If you are a lover of golf who would enjoy visiting this Staten Island course, schedule your tee time today.

Silver Lake course

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of top golf courses within New York state is Silver Lake Golf Course. This golf course is also located on Staten Island. No membership is required at this course, so any travelers and golfers visiting the lovely state of New York can feel free to get in a game before returning home. Share a meal with someone special at the restaurant, and even book events at this location.

When it comes to getting in a game of golf within the state of New York, the courses available have never looked so good.

Whether you are a resident, or just looking for a place to play while on vacation, these top courses will thrill you.

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